Anhydride Epoxy Curing Agents

Huntsman Advanced Materials offers a comprehensive line of Aradur® anhydride-based hardeners designed for use in indoor/outdoor electrical applications and composites. When paired with a compatible epoxy resin, anhydride-based hardeners offer low viscosity, UV stability, high-temperature performance and good electrical insulation properties.

Product Viscosity at 25ºC


Molecular Weight Density at 25ºC [lb/gal, (g/cm³)] Product Description
Aradur HY 906 150 – 300 178 10.3 (1.23) Nadic methyl anhydride for high Tg composites and potting applications.
Aradur 917-1 50 – 80 166 10.1 (1.21) Methyl tetrahydrophthalic anhydride for high temperature industrial composite applications by filament winding, RTM and pultrusion.
Aradur HT 907 40 – 50 (at 40ºC) 154 9.9 (1.19) Hexahydrophtalic anhydride for medium and high-voltage indoor or outdoor electrical casting systems
Aradur HY 1102 70 at 20ºC 168 9.7 (1.16) Methyl hexahydrophtalic anhydride for high Tg, medium and high-voltage electrical imprgnation systems
Aradur HY 1235 70 – 80 N/A 9.8 (1.18) Anhydride-based hardener designed for the formulation of medium to high voltage electrical insulating systems for use under severe climatic conditions.

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