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Huntsman Advanced Materials provides engineered solutions for our customers using a wide range of innovative, high-performance thermoset chemistries and formulations. Every day our scientists work with designers and engineers to bring lightweight, high-strength, durable products to market and help solve increasingly complex design issues. Our growing portfolio of specialty resins and formulations serve the adhesives, aerospace, automotive, coatings, composites, electronics, and energy markets.

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ESE Carbon Optimizes Strength and Production Speed for E1 Carbon Fiber Wheels with New Huntsman Epoxy Resin System

The new one-piece E1 rims combine the lightweight for which carbon composite wheels are known with greater strength and fracture toughness at higher temperatures than previously available with conventional epoxy resins. Moreover, the viscosity and handling properties of the resin system from Huntsman Advanced Materials, The Woodlands... Read more

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