As a global partner and innovator working in collaboration with virtually every major wind energy equipment manufacturer, Huntsman Advanced Materials has developed the technologies and products needed to perform in this expanding marketplace. Our materials are used in applications ranging from the production of large plugs and moulds to the fabrication of composite turbines and the assembly and repair of components.

Innovation at Huntsman is driven by a comprehensive understanding of industry and customer requirements and is backed by many years of composites materials expertise. As a long-term supplier to aerospace, military and sporting goods manufacturers, we produce systems that meet or exceed the highest performance requirements in glass transition temperature, mechanical strength, and toughness.

Specific Huntsman products that are proven performers in wind applications include high temperature (120ºC – 180ºC) tooling systems and low viscosity resin infusion products that feature good latency and low exotherm for large blade production, waterborne systems, high solids and solvent-free products, and powder coatings.

Huntsman leverages its core strengths in synthesis and formulation to produce high performance materials that deliver improved mechanical and thermal performance in the area of composites and adhesives. Our application engineers can support you with advice and practical recommendations on how to optimize the use of Huntsman’s products in your chosen manufacturing process.

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