Technical benefits

Huntsman is a world-leading producer of thermoset resins for the aerospace, automotive, energy, industrial composites, adhesives, electronics, coatings and construction markets. The thermoset resin chemistries offered by Huntsman include epoxy resins, epoxy reactive diluents, curing agents and crosslinkers for epoxy resins, benzoxazines, cyanate esters, polyimides and bismaleimides. Typical service temperatures for these products can range from room temperature to as high as 350°C..

The Araldite® and Tactix® epoxy resins produced by Huntsman are supplied in a range of viscosities, functionalities and epoxy equivalent weights for a wide range of industrial applications. Araldite® epoxy resins are typically based on bisphenol-A, bisphenol-F, tetrabromobisphenol-A, phenol novolacs, cresol novolacs, amino phenol, methylene dianiline and isocyanuric acid. Tactix® epoxy resins are based on bisphenol-A, tri(hydroxyphenyl) methane and dicyclopentadiene.

The maximum achievable cured Tg and the temperature range required to achieve a viscosity of 1,000 cP are shown in the figures below for various types of resins.  Aradur® curing agents are supplied in liquid or solid form and can be used in conjunction with all the epoxy resins to achieve a broad range of thermal, mechanical and electrical properties. Aradur® curing agents may be based on polyamides, aliphatic amines, cycloaliphatic amines, aromatic amines, anhydrides and novolacs.


The figures below compare the Tg and the cure temperature of various types of Aradur® curing agents when used with a bisphenol-A based liquid epoxy resin (i.e. Araldite® GY 6010 resin). AroCy® cyanate ester resins can provide high glass transition temperature (Tg = 170 – 350°C), low water absorption and low dielectric properties. They are typically used in aerospace applications, high-speed circuit boards, electronic chip adhesives and encapsulants, and syntactic foams. AroCy® cyanate ester resins are based on bisphenol-E, bisphenol-M or phenol novolac.

Kerimid® and Matrimid® resin systems provide outstanding heat performance (Tg = 220 – 350°C), excellent mechanical properties at both ambient and elevated temperatures, and low coefficient of thermal expansion. They are typically used for aerospace structures, high-speed circuit board substrates and high-performance adhesives. Kerimid® and Matrimid® resins are based on polyimide and bismaleimide (BMI) chemistries.

Araldite® benzoxazine resins represent a new addition to the comprehensive Huntsman product offering for advanced composites and high-performance coating systems.  Araldite® benzoxazine resins can provide some unique combinations of thermal, mechanical and electrical properties.

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