Waterborne Epoxy Resins

For over 25 years, Huntsman has been a global leader in the development and improvement of waterborne epoxy resins for ambient cure coatings. Regulatory initiatives to meet clean air standards continue to be the main impetus for coating formulators to consider waterborne epoxy systems. This aggressive regulatory environment is nothing new and has been the case for over 20 years, since the passing of the Clean Air Act in 1990.

However, new drivers for change are now being exercised by asset owners and architects, creating a high demand for green and sustainable products that can be certified. No longer is it just a legislative requirement that is pushing for change, but consumer demand. The benefits of waterborne epoxy systems versus conventional epoxy systems are now quite often the deciding factor in coating selection by decision makers.

• Ultra low VOC
• Very low odor
• Non-flammable/non-combustible
• Fast dry and re-coat
• Ease of cleanup (no solvents needed)
• Balanced overall performance properties


Product Viscosity at 25ºC [cP] Epoxide Eq.
[EEW, g/eq]
Density at 25ºC [lb/gal, (g/cm³)] Solids Content
Product Description
Araldite PZ 3901 7,000 – 20,000 515 – 555 9.0 (1.08) 53.5 – 56.5 Solid epoxy resin dispersion. Excellent stability, small particle size, good chemical resistance. For use in coatings, adhesives, fiber-sizing, Textile, and paper treatment applications.
Araldite PZ 3961-1 400 – 750 490 – 550 9.2 (1.10) 51 – 55 Epoxy resin emulsion of a solid œ1-type epoxy resin that offers a good combination of properties for ambient or force curing coatings on metal and can be used for concrete. Metal coatings based on this emulsion show rapid dry time, good adhesion, flexibility and corrosion resistance.
Araldite PZ 3903-2 8,000 – 20,000 715 – 800 9.0 (1.08) 53 – 58 “3-type” solid epoxy resin dispersion. Very good stability.  Small particle size. Excellent adhesion. For use in fiber sizing applications.
Araldite PZ 323 222 – 250 9.6 (1.15) 75 -80 Araldite® PY 307-1 based epoxy phenol novolac emulsion. Good abrasion resistance, toughness, and chemical resistance. For use in adhesives, fiber-sizing, textiles, abrasives, and paper treatment applications.
Araldite® ECN 1400-1 900 – 1,500 217 – 244 9 (1.07) 38 – 42 Epoxy cresol novolac resin dispersion in water. Araldite® ECN 1400 Resin does not contain any organic solvent and is suitable for the formulation of adhesives, primers, fiber reinforced structures, and coatings with higher temperature performance, improved chemical resistance, and better adhesion properties than conventional waterborne epoxies.
Araldite® PZ 3907-1 8,000 – 20,000 1,800 – 2,200 9 (1.08) 52 – 55 “Solid “”7-type”” epoxy resin dispersion in water and 2-propoxyethanol. Can be used in two component ambient cured coatings or to formulate one or two component heatcured systems with carboxyl containing acrylics, melamine, or phenolic curing agents. For use in fiber-sizing, textiles, electrical insulating varnish, can coatings, drum linings, or heat-cured general metal coatings.
Araldite® PZ 3972-1 5,000 – 20,000 615 – 715 9.2 (1.1) 58.5 – 61.5 Solid “2-type” epoxy resin dispersion in water which contains no organic solvent, and is completely water reducible. For use in fiber-sizing, textiles, filters, and non-woven applications.

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