Araldite – the brand

Our brands represent the quality and innovation of Huntsman Advanced Materials’ products across the range of epoxy, acrylic and polyurethane technologies in which we are global players. We offer our customers expertise in the technologies which define their work, insight to the markets in which they operate and a bespoke service dedicated to delivering successful outcomes for their business.



Aradur® curing agents are supplied in liquid or solid form and can be used in conjunction with Araldite® epoxy resins to achieve a broad range of thermal, mechanical and electrical properties. This complete line of high performance curing agents includes reactive polyamides, polyamido amines, aliphatic amines, cycloaliphatic amines, aromatic amines, anhydrides and novolacs.  Aradur® markets & applications: Paints & Coatings, Wind, Aerospace, Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Composites, Construction, Adhesives


The Araldite® brand encompasses high performance epoxy, acrylic, and polyurethane adhesives and high performance specialty epoxy and benzoxazine resin systems.Araldite® specialty thermoset resins are supplied in liquids or solids, and in a range of viscosities, functionalities and epoxy equivalent weights for a wide range of industrial applications.

Araldite® specialty epoxy resins are typically based on bisphenol-A, bisphenol-F, phenol novolacs, cresol novolacs, amino phenol, methylene dianiline, cycloaliphatics, and isocyanuric acid. 

Araldite® markets & applications: Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Aerospace, Composites, Wind, Paints & Coatings, Construction, Adhesives, Tooling


The Arathane® brand represents high performance polyurethane systems for use in encapsulation and insulation applications for electronic components, the impregnation of electro composites, and as an adhesive in other markets. Arathane® markets & applications: Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Aerospace & Wind


AroCy® cyanate ester resins are used for high-temperature composites and adhesive applications. These systems can provide high glass transition temperatures (Tg = 170 – 350ºC), low water absorption and low dielectric properties. These products are typically used in aerospace and space applications, high-speed circuit boards, electronic chip adhesives and encapsulants, and syntactic foams. AroCy® cyanate ester resins are based on bisphenol-E, bisphenol-M or phenol novolac. AroCy® markets & applications: Composites, Aerospace & Defense


Epibond® epoxy adhesives are designed for aerospace insert potting applications and electronic surface-mount adhesive applications where flame retardancy, toughness or high strength is required. Epibond® markets & applications: Aerospace, Electronics


Epocast® high performance epoxy syntactic systems are designed for reinforcing honeycomb composite panels in aircraft floors, galley walls, bulkheads and more. These products are available in self-extinguishing or flame-retardant versions to meet FAA regulations.The Epocast® laminating systems are designed for use in the manufacturing and repairing of composite radomes, fairings, flight control surfaces, cargo and cabin panels. These systems offer excellent mechanical strength and many are flame-retardant. Epocast® markets & applications: Aerospace


Eposert® syntactic inserts are pre-formed and cured epoxy syntactic materials are used for honeycomb core reinforcement. These products are particularly well suited for the continuous production of composite floor panels, galley walls, bulkheads and lavatory cabinets for aircraft interiors. Eposert® markets & applications: Aerospace


Kerimid® bismaleimide resins are designed for high-speed circuit board substrates and high performance adhesives. These systems provide outstanding heat performance (Tg = 220 – 350ºC), excellent mechanical properties at both ambient and elevated temperatures, and low coefficient of thermal expansion. Kerimid® markets & applications: Electronics


Matrimid® maleimide thermoset and thermoplastic polyimide resins are designed for aerospace structures and high performance adhesives. These systems provide outstanding heat performance (Tg over 300ºC), excellent mechanical properties at both ambient and elevated temperatures, chemical resistance, and low coefficient of thermal expansion. Matrimid® markets & applications: Composites, Adhesives, Aerospace & Defense


Quatrex® high-purity unmodified liquid epoxy resin is designed for special applications where a very low hydrolysable chloride is required. Quatrex® is based on bisphenol-A epoxy chemistry. Quatrex® markets & applications: Coatings, Electrical Engineering & Adhesives


The Ren® family of products plays an important role in the way prototypes, tooling and short-run production parts are helping industry bring products to market faster. Ren® products include:

•    RenShape® Epoxy and Polyurethane Modeling & Tooling Boards 
•    Ren® Epoxy Curing Agents / Hardeners
•    RenPaste® Epoxy Paste Materials
•    RenLease® Silicone & Silicone-free Release Agents
•    RenLam® Laminating Resins
•    RenCast® Polyurethane Casting Systems
•    RenGel® Surface Coat Systems
•    RenInfusion® Epoxy Infusion Systems


Tactix® specialty epoxy resins are designed for special applications. Our Tactix® product range is typically based on bisphenol-A, tri(hydroxphenyl) methane and dicyclopentadiene.Tactix® markets & applications: Composites, Aerospace & Defense, Adhesives


Uralane® polyurethane adhesives are designed for high-bond strength on acrylics, plastics and metals primarily used in interior aircraft assemblies.  Uralane® adhesives are available in flame-retardant versions that meet stringent flammability requirements.  Uralane® markets & applications: Aerospace. 


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